Crystal Castles’ fourth studio album, “Amnesty”, sees the departure of Alice Glass and the arrival of mysterious new frontwoman Edith Frances. Many, including myself, wondered if they could even exist without their beloved original singer. I was hesitant, but right when I heard “Amnesty” that doubt was erased. Ediths vocals over Kaths’ heavy drum programming and unnerving synth work create a mysterious whirlwind of sound. The song “Fleece” is like a techno track produced with the help of French legends Mr. Oizo & Vitalic. Another standout, “Char” is ethereal, melodic, and reminiscent of a more vintage Crystal Castles sound.

All in all, “Amnesty” is a satisfying listen from beginning to end. And even though everyone thought they were disbanded in 2014, Crystal Castles is still a force to be reckoned with!

-Michael Boado 2017