Weezy – 86 Mongoose 100 Limited Cassette & Bundle Box Sets. 

Limited to 100 cassettes NTTG is proud to offer 86 Mongoose by producer, beatmaker, & DJ – Weezmatic. We also have a very select number of Cassette + Long Sleeve T-Shirt Bundles sets which also include stickers & buttons! Order link below.

Inspired by punchy 808s and electro claps, 86 Mongoose is a crafty upgrade to the minimal waves of early hip-hop production, with playful explorations through modern chops and lively arrangements. Weezy AKA Squreweezy AKA Squareone is no novice on the SP 404 or MPC and, his group, legendary South Bay area turntablists, The Bangerz, have been mainstays in the scene for decades– evidenced by apt track titles like “3AM in Milpitas.” 

The Bangerz are also a huge part of the success of the renowned Jabbawockeez, one of the most world recognized b-boy crews of all time, for whom the Bangerz produced original music that soundtracks their celebrated choreography. They’ve been in cahoots for some time and original Bangerz tracks are currently on full display for the Jabbawockeez’s hugely successful Vegas live show. Tracks like “My Urzi Weighs A Ton” is not only a play off of a revered Chuck D lyric, but also contains ebbs and flows that are ideal for any dance crew, let alone the Jabbawockeez.

Weezy has also performed on some of the world’s biggest stages, notably New Orleans’ Voodoo Festival as well as opening for pioneers like The Invisbl Skratch Piklz who paved the path Weezy now luxuriates in. In addition, Tokimonsta, Death Grips, and RJD2 are among other artists whom Weezy has shared stages with or opened up for. In line with his acumen for soundscapes and beat production, as well as his affinity for greats like Flying Lotus and D-Styles, he also played an unforgettable set at LA’s celebrated Low End Theory before they closed their doors in 2018. 

86 Mongoose was created between January and March of 2021 and is a personal audio art project inspired by Weezy tracing sideshow skid marks in a nearby parking lot with his vintage Mongoose BMX while listening to Kanye’s album Yeezus. Cuts like “Rockets” and “4th Chakra” are anchored by knocking drums, swirling samples, and at times sparse moments that swell into fantastical bombast (see: “Square One”). According to Weezy himself, “The 20 minute audio journey is meant to capture the energy, freedom, gratitude, and centeredness felt during these meditative bike rides.” 

All song produced by Weezmatic
Mixed and Mastered by Rey Res
Artwork by Res Res
Shirt Design by Cutso