NTTG goes lo-fi with Bay area rocker Casual Crypt

Casual Crypt is the side-project of Li Xi's synth & drone specialist, James Vernon.  Vernon rises to the occasion to share his own songwriting & musicianship by writing all originals and playing all the instruments. The self titled debut was recorded in Vernon's bedroom to 4 track Tascam tape recorder  and by going to tape [...]

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Diamond Ortiz returns with his 2nd LP “Certified”!

Now available on Vinyl & Cassette as well as ALL digital platforms! On his newest LP, Ortiz continues to showcase his musical talent by handling all the synths, guitars, bass, programming, mixing, arranging, producing & vocals. Returning with more boogie slappers like “Virgo Baby” & “She’s A Keeper”, Ortiz also pushes his boundaries with Jamaican-soul [...]

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Marinero “TRÓPICO DE CÁNCER” LIVE on all digital platforms!

We're thrilled to share our 1st full length digital album with all of our family & friends, vinyl & music lovers, locals, & supporters worldwide. Jess Sylvester worked so hard on this album and we're humbled to collaborate with such a genuine & talented guy. Vinyl takes a little longer, so let this hold you over [...]

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Unsung Heroes: Ramsey Lewis – Funky Serenity LP

Unsung Archives: Ramsey Lewis – Funky Serenity (Columbia, 1973)   If his 1965 hit “The In Crowd” is your only exposure to Chicago jazz pianist Ramsey Lewis, Funky Serenity, released just eight years later, will largely sound like the work of another artist. To be fair, a lot had changed in the jazz world in [...]

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In Defense of RSD

In Defense of Record Store Day   I’ll admit it: before last Saturday, I was an RSD hater. Just like some of the posts swirling around social media protesting the day as a faux, greeting card-esque holiday, I’d written it off a long while back, when I realized a line out the door of a [...]

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Diamond Ortiz turns back the clock with “Virgo Baby”

“Virgo Baby” is the 1st offering from LA funkster, Diamond Ortiz’s forthcoming LP, Certified. Diamond Ortiz returns with his signature blend of retro & future funk which emanates from his deep musical roots ranging from 50’s era R&B to lover’s rock reggae to unapologetic g-funk. “Virgo Baby” is the perfect introduction to Certified and it [...]

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Come See About Me: Durand Jones & The Indications’ New Soul For Old Souls

By David Ma and Brandon Roos Vocalist: Durand Jones Vocalist / Drummer: Aaron Frazer Guitarist: Blake Rhein The origin story for modern soul heavyweights Durand Jones and the Indications emerged out of what can be considered divine timing. Vocalist Durand Jones is now best known for his gruff delivery and hair-raising yelps, but he arrived [...]

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Kamaal Williams – The Return (Black Focus Records)

Kamaal Williams – The Return Black Focus Records - 2019 While The Return may be a debut of sorts, it certainly makes reference to the sound it’s following. In November 2016, pianist and producer Kamaal Williams, an alias for Henry Wu, paired up with the vastly talented drummer Yussef Dayes as Yussef Kamaal. Their debut, [...]

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