Li Xi

Li Xi was a San Francisco-based band fronted by the talented Maryann Tran, whose unique
blend of melody and percussive aggression defined the band’s sound. With a style that was
both heavy and chaotic, yet also soft and melancholic, Li Xi quickly gained a following in the Bay
Area music scene.

Their 7″ single “Macro Garden” was a defining moment for the band, receiving critical acclaim
from San Francisco’s independent record shop Aquarius Records, known for carrying obscure
psych and world music. The record showcased Li Xi’s ability to blend crunchy, fuzzy guitar
sounds with dreamy, shimmering melodies, creating a sound that was both aggressive and

Li Xi’s music defied genre boundaries, drifting between fuzzy, psychedelic decimation and
melancholic space-age pop. Their sound was truly unique, dwelling in a world of its own and
leaving a lasting impression on those who were fortunate enough to hear it.
Although now defunct, Li Xi’s legacy lives on, with their music still resonating with fans of
experimental and avant-garde music. Maryann Tran’s talent as a vocalist and songwriter
continues to inspire new generations of musicians, and the band’s impact on the San Francisco
music scene will not soon be forgotten.

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