Controller 7

Controller 7 is a longtime producer hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. With a career spanning over a decade, he has worked with a diverse range of artists, from underground hip-hop icons to avant-garde indie acts.

Although he is known primarily for his instrumental work, Controller 7 has also produced full-length albums with a number of artists, including Curly Castro, PremRock, Mestizo, Defcee, and Hemlock Ernst. His sound is characterized by his ability to blend different genres seamlessly, from dusty, boom-bap beats to more experimental electronic sounds. Through the decades, he’s worked with indie legends like Sage Francis and Buck 65, while currently producing for envelope pushing vanguards like Future Islands.

Controller 7’s music is marked by its versatility, with each release showcasing an ability to adapt to different styles and sounds while retaining his signature style. His remix of Future Islands’ “As Long As You Are” was a testament to his creativity and talent, and further cemented his position as a leading figure in the world of independent music.

With a discography that spans over a dozen releases, Controller 7’s impact on the underground music scene cannot be overstated. His ability to consistently create innovative, boundary-pushing music has earned him a dedicated following of fans and collaborators, and his legacy as a producer continues to grow with each passing year. With a sample-based, pastiche approach, he’s now incorporating live instrumentation into his compositions, as heard on the wildly colorful, exhale02: Moments.