Meet Edgewize, a young Bay Area MC whose delivery is a torrent of interlocking themes and literary
references, paired up with DJ Platurn for their first release, Apatheater EP. Edgewize has Philipino roots
where he was introduced to DJing & breakdancing through his older brother & cousins. He dabbled in
young man hip hop culture, but ultimately grew into a wordsmith some call, a rapper. He’s passionate
and creative with his words, and chill and engaging in person. He has great energy on & off stage and
has countless stories to tell growing up in the Bay Area and dealing with the struggles of the modern

The group was formed out of respect for hip hop music & sonically capturing organic jazz & psychedelic
influences for the songs. Platurn is a deep & knowledgeable selector with a broad record collection and
range of inspiration. He draws from jazz, rock, soul, & hip hop music to create the backdrops which
allow Edgewize to do his thing. The pair have many projects they work on individually, but have interest
in continuing to do more music together. Time will tell.