Casual Crypt is the project of San Jose based bedroom recording artist, James Vernon. Long time Bay Area musician (Li Xi, Invisible Light Agency) he created his Casual Crypt guise during a period of sobriety in the winter of 2018. His debut record, “Dead Men Can’t Ski” came quickly as a means of coming to terms with quitting drinking and making more time for sounds. Written and recorded in one month and primarily tracked in his room, this profound period fueled by coffee, cigarettes and anxiety ultimately found Casual Crypt in a solitary meditative state free to explore his Tascam 424 and digi-universe with a newfound vigor.

An eclectic mix of lo-fi psych, odd pop and synth baths, Casual Crypt draws from the well of fellow bedroom savants GBV, Ariel Pink and Kelley Stoltz but creates his own unique blend of snark pop and breezy riffs, soothing the burns with catchy hooks and submarine squalls that are the heart of this record.

A prolific writer, James is home carving out new jams to unveil when finally percolated and Casual Crypt is awaiting the day to commence to the stage with their now full lineup to play live music for eager humans.