MARINERO San Francisco/Guadalajara.


Marinero is a solo project dreamt up by Bay Area chicanx songwriter/composer Jess Sylvester in 2014. He is a man of many projects and has taken part in groups that delve into a variety of genres ranging from punk/hardcore (Violent Change, Tiger Uppercut, Crisis Man) to sampledelia (Francisco y Madero).

Francisco Y Madero, was the precursor to Marinero and the beginning of his cholo-fi signature style of taking samples of 60s latin music and adding spacey pop flavors. Jess takes Marinero’s sound elsewhere in Trópico de Cáncer which is rooted in bossa nova and Tropicália and gathers influence from groups like chicano rock bands like Los Freddy’s, Los Angeles Negros, and Malo. 

After two EP’s, Marinero is set to release the album in the spring of 2019. His upcoming effort, Trópico de Cáncer— will be released digitally, as well as on vinyl & cassette.