Crystal Castles – Amnesty LP

Crystal Castles' fourth studio album, "Amnesty", sees the departure of Alice Glass and the arrival of mysterious new frontwoman Edith Frances. Many, including myself, wondered if they could even exist without their beloved original singer. I was hesitant, but right when I heard “Amnesty” that doubt was erased. Ediths vocals over Kaths’ heavy drum programming [...]

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Will Sprott – Vortex Numbers

Former frontman/songwriter of Bay Area based ramshackle indie soul folk outfit The Mumlers, Will Sprott goes out on his own to create another eclectically styled release with “Vortex Numbers.” Part surf, garage-y caveman stompers infused with reflective yet surreal fingerpicked somber ballads combined with Sprott’s soulful throwbacks, this record sprawls yet remains a cohesive voice. [...]

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Cosmic Slap 1 & 2

Cosmic Slap / 2016 In 2016, we threw a couple of electronic music events we called Cosmic Slap. The first show included Dam-Funk, Egyptian Lover, Brian Ellis, & DJ RyStylz and the second event featured DJ Qbert, Teeko, Diamond Ortiz, & DJ RyStylz. Both events were held at the Ritz San Jose & were a [...]

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Adrian Younge “Electronique Void (Black Noise)”

In this day in age where so much electronic music gets lumped into the "EDM" category, Adrian Younge's "The Electronic Void" is a breath of fresh air. Using synthesizers bought at his friends music store (Jack Waterson; also guitarist/band member of Younge's band Venice Dawn), Adrian produces a wonderful album that pays homage to the [...]

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