Citing Sources with Angel Bat Dawid: Records, Chicago, & avant-garde jazz

Citing Sources with Angel Bat Dawid: Records, Chicago, & avant-garde jazz   In 2014, Angel Elmore, known creatively as Angel Bat Dawid, cashed out of an office job to pursue music full-time, diving fully into a practice that held a special place in her life for years. It was a transformative time for her, as [...]

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The Gow Dow Experience – Transcending Jazz

The Gow Dow Experience 73-74-75 (The Gow Dow Experience Productions) (Private Press) Released February 11, 1973   Diving into the history and context behind the incredibly rare private press recording 73-74-75, the only recording from The Gow Dow Experience, it’s difficult to judge the music as purely entertainment. That’s because this album was merely one [...]

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Diamond Ortiz turns back the clock with “Virgo Baby”

“Virgo Baby” is the 1st offering from LA funkster, Diamond Ortiz’s forthcoming LP, Certified. Diamond Ortiz returns with his signature blend of retro & future funk which emanates from his deep musical roots ranging from 50’s era R&B to lover’s rock reggae to unapologetic g-funk. “Virgo Baby” is the perfect introduction to Certified and it [...]

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Kamaal Williams – The Return (Black Focus Records)

Kamaal Williams – The Return Black Focus Records - 2019 While The Return may be a debut of sorts, it certainly makes reference to the sound it’s following. In November 2016, pianist and producer Kamaal Williams, an alias for Henry Wu, paired up with the vastly talented drummer Yussef Dayes as Yussef Kamaal. Their debut, [...]

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The Naked Truth – Late in the game, but still the Talking Heads

The Naked Truth: Despite containing one of the band’s worst songs, Naked is an ambitiously adventurous swan song for one of popular music’s most notable experimenters It’s a common occurrence that the last album by a band is rewarded some undue criticism simply by virtue of being ‘the last album.’ Naked is one of those [...]

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