Aphex Twin – T69  Collapse – Video

Richard D. James, aka Aphex Twin returns in 2018 with a brand new single capturing his signature unique sound and visual aesthetic with “T69 Collapse”. Aphex Twin drops a mind-bending track and video by his long term visualist, Weirdcore.

The song comes with no surprise, as James has never been a conformist to sell his music. “T69 Collapse” displays his immutable drill ‘n’ bass signature. A style that has widely dissipated, yet Aphex Twin continues to revitalize his sound within each new electronic scene and has been doing so for the past 28 years. “T69 Collapse” carries Aphex Twin’s rubbery modulations, builds into a chaotic oscillation crescendo, and somehow manages to balance the mayhem with cerebral and melodic synths, maintaining a trance-like rhythm.

Alongside being Aphex Twin’s right hand man, Weirdcore has been his underground visual consultant for decades. Weirdcore has done many visual works for prominent artists, such as Radiohead, Miley Cyrus, and Tame Impala. The video starts out with perhaps email exchanges between Weirdcore and Aphex Twin, consulting on the visuals and ideas for the video. It seamlessly transitions into bit codes and  into the hallucinatory world of Weirdcore which is deemed to challenge it’s viewer and manages to keep up with Aphex Twin’s chaotic symphony. As if civilization is collapsing into the black hole of Aphex Twin, we glide through glitched cityscapes and overlays of bit code, strobes and 3D scanned textures. In an interview for fastcompany.com, Weirdcore mentions, “These render engines opened the door to different looks and technique – But I feel I’m still merely scratching the surface and just getting started with this new look. Definitely more and better of this look to follow.”

This prequel to his new EP is an incredible feat that had to take hours of tedious after effects processing to execute and yielded an intimate peek into the minds of two prolific electronic artists.  Be on the look out for Aphex Twins’ new album, “Collapse EP” out September 14th, 2018.

by Tucker Gootee – 2018