About 8 months ago, a friend sent me a link to check out this release. I remember not checking it out, and he followed up with me a few days later and said, “you have to peep this track”. So, finally I clicked on the link and immediately fancied the laid back retro soul vibes provided by Oroza, Cold Diamond & Mink. There’s nothing quite like being blown away by someone you’ve never heard. The songs starts with a quick drum break and quickly fills out with a smooth bassline, slanky guitar stabs, and soulful organ a la any classic latin/deep soul side. Oroza’s cool, crooning vocal style is uniquely authentic. This song won’t be on the radio anytime soon, and we love that about it. It’s a look into music’s past without sounding contrived or generic. Find this record & buy it! ‘Nough said.